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My First Posting!

Hello blog world! I've decided to create this to document any photography adventures I encounter during my photo journey, fun facts, and lots more! I'm excited to have this up and running.

I begun photography when I was just a wee little girl. 5 or 6?

Just taking random photographs of skies, trees and friends.

After a while I realized I really enjoyed doing it and wanted to continue my learning! I started taking photo classes in school before heading off to college in Burlington VT where I currently reside!

The school I attended unfortunately closed, so I was made to go off to school somewhere else. I was already a big entrepreneur and wanted to learn more of the business side of things. Once receiving my business degree I realized how I had abandoned photography for a little while and wanted to return it into my life, but at full force! Why not combine my two degrees? Why not do what I love? WHY NOT?

So, here I am. Ready to start my photography business, photo adventure, starving artist life, or whatever you want to call it. And thanks for being apart of it!

Hey it's me!

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